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The Southern Band Tuscarora has their seal made of wampum beads. The skarorehaka-hemp gatherers are in the west, the kuatenuhwaka-people of the pines in the south, the akwahteka-people of the water in the east and the Gustoweh is in the north. The fire of their Nation burns in the center of the Longhouse. The Southern Band Tuscarora does not fly the Haudenosaune banner. Nor do they adhere to the Digahnahweda-Great Peace Law of the Six Nations.

The Seal of the Southern Tuscarora Band Indian Tribe is Copyrighted and Trademarked to the Southern Band Tuscarora Indian Tribe, any use is prohibited without written permission of Grand Council.

The Southern Band Tuscarora Indian Tribe abides by the 1715 NC Act of General Assembly, in which all lands belonging to Native Americans be protected from encroachment by law. All Native Americans be given equal rights and protection by law. Exemption from all taxes unless imposed by his/her own Nation, Band or Tribe. US Constitution Art. 6, Sect. 11, and Amendment XIV, Sect. 11. Exempt from Draft Laws of the US and Canada. Unrestricted freedom to travel the Americas - Jay Treaty of 1794 Article 3. Hunting and Fishing Rights. Protection under the American Indian Religious Freedom Act. Report 95 - 341.

Our reservation is located within the original boundaries of Indian Woods - we were in downtown Windsor until September of 1999 when Hurricane Floyd came through and destroyed everything. We will in time rebuild our Longhouse and Museum and Office on our reservation land. For now the office has been relocated and can be contacted by writing to the address given below or send an email. Please go to "CAN YOU HELP?"

832 US 13N
Windsor, NC 27983
Phone 252-794-4559 or 917-455-9490

Bear Clanmother Mejorado

While we are of the same peoples as The Six Nations - we maintain our separate identity, governed, as is our tradition, by the Grand Council, at present, consisting of Three female Clanmothers and Four Clan Chiefs. We are governed by by-laws - and most members maintain the Traditional customs and beliefs of the Tuscarora. Our membership is 180 plus strong, and while some of our members are in other states, ALL of our grandparents were the Tuscarora who have always resided in the territories of NC/VA Our first Chief, Joseph General Jack Cotton of the Southern Band Tuscarora, was one of the elders who brought the Tuscarora back together after the fall of the Tuscarora Confederacy, over 270 years ago and his wife, the Clan Grandmother of the Bear Clan, Rita Rising Sun Cotton have gone down in the history of the Tribe as the reuniting force of the Southern Band Tuscarora The Southern Band Tuscarora Indian Tribe has regained the Clans of Bear, Deer,Eel, Mud Turtle, Sand Turtle, Snipe and Wolf..

Helping Hands ~ Newell and Viola's Legacy

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Tuscarora Rebellion - 1717

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Marilyn Mejorado has provided a printable agreement for you to send in your genealogy requests, along with a fee. Due to instances where people have requested hours of work and many copies but then did not pay Mrs. Livingston has had to impose this deposit. ***UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE ~~GENEALOGY RESEARCH WILL BE DONE AS TIME ALLOWS*** This is a busy time of year for the Tribe, so please be patient if you send in for research......Nyeahweh

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*Our Tribal History is referenced in " Onkwehonweh - The First People"

Written by Marilyn Mejorado 1997

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***So many of the women and children in our Peoples' history had been stolen and sold as slaves, we need to do all we can to help reunite children with their familes ~Please see if you can help~ ***

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